What Happened To Phil Off Car SOS?

Is fuzz from car SOS married?

Cressida TownshendFuzz Townshend/Spouse.

What is the latest series of car SOS?

New Car S.O.S. – series 8 interview with Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend | Virgin Media.

What happened to workshop Phil on Car SOS?

fuzztownshend wrote: Hello all, Phil has been quiet because he’s been rather unwell lately, having suffered a stroke at the start of the year, but he’s working on getting back to good health and popped in at the workshop last week.

Is Phil from car SOS still alive?

He’s still alive! It’s Workshop Phil’s Birthday today. … Happy Birthday Philip Palmer!

Who pays for the work done on car SOS?

The Volvo P1800 we did (for season 4 ) took about 1200 manhours, so the production company won’t like me for that one.” “The setup of the show is quite simple and it makes a lot of sense. Basically there is a production company that pays for the people at the garage to restore the car.

How much is Tim Shaw worth Car SOS?

Caption: Tim Shaw in Car SOS We are sure his net worth can easily be in millions with sources putting it at a range of anywhere from $1 million to $3 million.