Quick Answer: Is There Long Term Parking At CBX?

How long does it take to get through CBX?

We recommend all passengers arrive 2 to 3 hours in advance just like at any other airport.

The CBX bridge is 390ft, times vary…but the average person gets to their boarding gate in 30-40 minutes..

Can I cross the CBX with my birth certificate?

If you are a Mexican citizen you can cross through CBX by providing proof of citizenship (IFE card, Resident Card, Birth Certificate, or Mexican Passport). … You must have a passport to travel internationally. Using the CBX bridge is traveling to and from USA and Mexico. over a year ago.

How do I get from San Diego to CBX?

The best way to get from San Diego Airport (SAN) to Cross Border Express, San Diego without a car is to tram and bus which takes 1h 46m and costs $13 – $21.

What documents do I need to use CBX?

Yes, everyone who enters Mexico through CBX needs a valid passport (card or book), including infants (minors under 2 years old).

Is it safe to park at Tijuana airport?

Regardless of the option you go with, parking at either designation is very okay and there is hardly anything else that distinguishes them except the rate of course. The Tijuana Airport car parking policy is that in the event of your car’s total theft you will be compensated in full.

Can I travel to Mexico without a passport?

US citizens of any age flying to or from Mexico must have a US passport book, no exceptions. You should be aware that the US passport CARD cannot be used for international air travel. The Passport Card is designed for frequent travelers by land and sea to Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Can I cross the US border with my driver’s license?

When entering the United States, U.S. citizens are required to show passport, U.S. passport card, Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST) or an Enhanced Driver’s License.

Can you leave your car parked at CBX?

CBX has well-lit and secure 24 hours parking for our users’ convenience. You can park your car safely and continue your trip.

Is there a shuttle from San Diego airport to CBX?

CBX Offers a shuttle that goes to the San Diego Airport every 2 hours for a fee of $10.00. The shuttle operates between the hours of 8:00am to 10:00pm. If you need more information please dial 1-888-CBX-INFO and one of our Customer Service Representatives will assist you.

What is the best time to cross the border from Tijuana to San Diego?

4:am to 6:amThe best time to cross from Tijuana to San Diego is the early morning 4:am to 6:am. If you’re the early bird, you’ll get the worm, or the tacos in this case. Try to get to San Ysidro at 4 a.m. to begin the process. The other times to avoid, if possible, would be weekends and holidays.

Can I cross the Tijuana border without a passport?

The Mexican government may not let U.S. citizens who are driving or walking to Mexico enter the country at land border crossings if they do not have a U.S. passport book or U.S. passport card. Learn more about entry and exit requirements and safety and security in Mexico on our Country Information page.

Does CBX have long term parking?

3 answers. CBX currently only offers general parking for all passengers at $17.00 per day, our parking rate is extremely competitive to others around the area. In the future, we might implement long-term and short-term parking.

How much does it cost to park at CBX?

The CBX Parking Lot is always available, patrolled, and secure. The daily parking fee is $18.00 per day. The CBX parking lot is feet away from the CBX Terminal!

Is CBX open during Covid?

Binational pedestrian bridge CBX (Cross Border Xpress) The bridge has resumed its 24hr Tijuana – San Diego – Tijuana operations. Just consider all non-essential travel restrictions. Due to its hygiene and safety protocols, the CBX has been accredited with the Safe Travels certification stamp.

What happens if you go to Tijuana without a passport?

IMPORTANT: If your stay in Tijuana exceeds seven days, a $20 USD fee for a visitors’ permit is required. … Those of you without access to a passport or visa, or if you lose it while in Tijuana, will need a driver’s license or another kind of American identification to avoid secondary inspection.

How do I buy CBX tickets?

You can purchase the CBX ticket on our website, Aeromexico, Volaris, or inside the Tijuana International Airport/CBX Terminal. Tickets are $16.00 one-way and $30.00 round-trip. We offer a family/group package at $55.00 one-way and $110.00 round-trip. The family/group package is for 4 to 6 people.