Question: Is Downtown Tijuana Safe?

Is Tijuana safe for tourists?

Since it’s such a heavily guarded border, Tijuana is incredibly safe to travel to.

Most visitors to this region describe the area as just as safe as most American cities, so there are many Americans that regularly travel to Tijuana.

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Is Tijuana Safe 2020?

Tijuana is the most dangerous city in the world, according to a report by the Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice. The Los Angeles Times reports that five cities in Mexico are among the most dangerous in the world. The list includes Acapulco, Victoria, Juarez, Irapuato and Tijuana.

Why is Tijuana so dangerous?

Most of Tijuana’s violence stems from the human trafficking and drug trades which are run by different criminal gangs. The infamous rivalry between the Sinaloa and Tijuana cartels have also been blamed for the recent murder spike.

Is Tijuana dangerous at night?

Most violent crimes and robberies happen during this time. Scammers and pickpockets are also more active at night. For this reason, many tourists do not feel safe walking around Tijuana at night. Instead, they stay indoors, taking a taxi or Uber between their hotel and restaurants, clubs, and bars.

Why does Tijuana have so many murders?

The number of homicides in Tijuana in 2019 was more than 2,100. … After the arrest of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in 2016, Calderón said, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel became increasingly involved in Tijuana. And she says the cartel’s presence in Tijuana has intensified in recent years adding to the violence.

What is the most dangerous part of Tijuana?

“This whole area: Sánchez Taboada, Reforma, Camino Verde. This is where the killings happen.” Tijuana was declared the most violent city in the world this month, by Mexico’s Citizens’ Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice, which lists the Top 50 cities with the highest number of homicides per capita.

Can I use US dollars in Tijuana?

When traveling in Baja, it is usually better to pay for goods and services in pesos, rather than in U.S. dollars. Although U.S. dollars will be accepted at most larger businesses from Tijuana to Cabo, the exchange rate when paying in U.S. dollars can be significantly less than the official rate.

How dangerous is Tijuana now?

However, Baja California registered 2,883 homicides for 2019, down from 3,159 homicides in 2018. Statistics show Tijuana as the city with the highest per capita murder rate in the world. Tijuana experienced 2,208 homicides in 2019, down from 2,519 in 2018.

How many murders are there in Tijuana?

The number of homicides in Tijuana in 2019 was more than 2,100. “We are still expecting 2019 to have been the most violent,” Laura Calderón told the Voice of San Diego.

What happens if you go to Tijuana without a passport?

IMPORTANT: If your stay in Tijuana exceeds seven days, a $20 USD fee for a visitors’ permit is required. … Those of you without access to a passport or visa, or if you lose it while in Tijuana, will need a driver’s license or another kind of American identification to avoid secondary inspection.

Are there nice parts of Tijuana?

Tijuana de Playas is the beachfront neighborhood of Tijuana. This is not really a tourist area, although visitors are definitely welcome! Most Americans gravitate towards the downtown area of TJ (Ave. Revolution) or Rosarito, although there are nice eating establishments on the bluff overlooking the beach.

Do you need a passport to go from San Diego to Tijuana?

Pedestrians crossing into Tijuana at the San Ysidro crossing need to complete a Mexico Visitor’s Permit (FMM ‒ FREE if the trip is 7 days or less and you cross by land) and present a passport. … Your USA tourism visa is enough to return to the United States after visiting Mexico.

What is Tijuana famous for?

Tijuana is more or less a resort city that’s known for bullfighting and racetracks. During Prohibition, it was a popular destination for Americans seeking tequila and other things that were on the prohibited list north of the border.

Is Tijuana expensive?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,762$ (36,276MXN) without rent. … A single person estimated monthly costs are 492$ (10,130MXN) without rent. Tijuana is 63.44% less expensive than New York (without rent).

What do I need to know before going to Tijuana?

10 Things You Don’t Know About TijuanaTijuana is safe. Like any city, there are places you shouldn’t go. … You are mispronouncing the city’s name. … TJ has its own airport. … You can walk across the border from the US. … TJ has beaches and a boardwalk. … Tijuana has some first-rate gastronomy. … TJ has museums. … The Caesar Salad originated here.More items…